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Thanks for purchasing our DashCode - Admin Dashboard Template 🙂. Let's get you up and running.

How to use docs

This is the documentation for the DashCode Html version. In this documentation, you will find guide that will help you to use, components, pages, cards, etc provided by our template.


You can find Tailwind official documentation here Tailwind.

Let's install your project first, please visit the installation page for a detailed guide on how to install and run DashCode.

To get started you can check the folder structure of our template to understand how it works.

Next, certainly, you want to create new pages and want to get started with your project, For this, you can check our Layout docs to understand how to use them. Certainly, the default layout is a zero-config layout but still if you want to understand each layout type, Go for it.

For styling, our DashCode have managed to provide separate space for your style where you can write your style and don't accidentally delete ours. Make sure to check out Template Styles for it.

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