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Have some questions on your mind? Here we added a few answers to frequently asked questions. If you want to know something is not listed here, just contact us.

Is it really worth it?

A powerful admin template is like a high-end car. Each of its components is built carefully and keeps efficiency in mind. Dashcode is specially built for developers to give them freedom while coding. Dashcode provides you with the simplest and fastest way to build web UI for your dashboard or app. So we can assure you that DashCode is really worth your money.

What skills do I need to have to use DasCode?

DasCode is a Tailwind and Vue admin template. To use it efficiently general knowledge of Front-end development is required. You might need more in-depth skills in Vue and Tailwind to customize components. Also, keep in mind that the template does not contain the back end. To make an end product you need to have knowledge or help with the back-end part.

Will you regularly give updates on DashCode?

Yes, We will update the DashCode regularly. All future updates would be available without any cost. Once you purchase a license, you'll receive all future releases for free.

Do you provide any design frames?

Dashcode does not come with the Figma design files. If you want the Figma file you can contact our support team to get the design file for free. You can copy the frames, and customize them as you want in your Figma project.

What’s the difference between regular and extended licenses?

What’s the difference between regular and extended licenses? The regular license can be used for non-commercial end products (access is free and there will be no monthly subscription fee). You need to buy a new single regular license for each product you make or each domain you use if you set up it on multiple domains. An extended license can be used for end products (web service or SaaS) that charge users for access or service (e.g: monthly subscription fee). For more info on Themeforest licenses, you can check here

How do I get help with the theme?

Use our support portal to get support. Register for your account and create a support ticket to get support. Your dedicated support team will assist you to solve your issue.

What’s your refund policy?

Given the nature of digital content, a refund or credit on a purchase is not granted unless one of the promises given by the author in section 21 has been breached, or a refund is required under the Envato Market Refund Rules or Australian consumer law, or other relevant consumer protection laws.


If you need any kind of support or fixes in this system feel free to contact us via our support portal.

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